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trust me, just wait a few years and Armin will go from “the cutest” to “the hottest” uwu


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what if Armin loses his eyesight during a mission and when they finally get to explore the outside world he can’t see it… (´_`。)

Armin stood there, the tears streaming down his face and glinting in the setting sun. He heard the water rushing back and forth against the earth. Breathing deeply, he smelled salt, and what his book had described as a “briny” scent. He heard the call of birds. Unique and wavering. Seagulls maybe? He wouldn’t know. He could vaguely see where the sun was about to set; a warmer spot in his otherwise dark vision. He wished he could see what his friends saw. He had promised Eren they would see the world together but now…he couldn’t even see right in front of him. He had had just about enough as he could take, emotions swirling and colliding in turmoil inside him. About to turn back, he felt someone grab his hand. Eren. His hands were bigger than Mikasa’s. Stronger. But surprisingly enough, a bit softer.

 ”…The waves are bigger than we’ve seen before.”

Armin froze as Eren began to speak. He knew just what he was trying to do.

"Eren. Stop. You don’t have to-"

"I mean. Really big. I bet if we stepped into it now they’d wash right over us," Eren continued, his voice raising a bit in volume as he stubbornly ignored Armin’s objections. "It stretches out to the very edge of the horizon. And if you look left or right you still can’t see the end of it. There’s really big fish jumping out of the water a ways out. Wow, they’re huge. If we caught one we’d be able to feed the three of us for days. And they’re jumping so high. It’s like they’re flying. The sun is touching the horizon now. The part where it touches the water makes it look like it’s on fire. Like there’s light coming from the ocean.”

Armin listened in silence. There was no stopping the tears now and he fought to keep his sniffles down. His shoulders were shaking as he kept them in, and he gripped eren’s hand back tightly. Too tight. It must have hurt but Eren didn’t say anything.

"…And the books didn’t do it any justice. It’s so beautiful. It’s as blue as your eyes. I just can’t look away."

And Armin knew - or more like he could feel - that right then Eren wasn’t looking at the ocean.

"Armin," he heard Mikasa’s gentle voice call out to him, as he felt her grip his other hand. "Armin you don’t have to feel alone. No matter what, we’ll be here. We can be your eyes."

Armin held both of their hands, bringing them up to his chest. In a shaky voice he whispered, “Thank you…I love you guys. I love you guys so much. Thank you…! I want to see the world with both of you. Let’s…let’s see the world together.”

A weight settled on top of his head and ruffled his hair.

"Idiot. We already promised that, didn’t we?"

Armin could picture eren’s face perfectly in his mind, that crazy smile spreading across his cheeks.

"Right…It’s a promise."


what if Armin loses his eyesight during a mission and when they finally get to explore the outside world he can’t see it… (´_`。)


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big YES for the yoga au (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

poor Eren, he thinks that his group is just really enthusiastic about yoga… but they’re all there for the booty.

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